Women In Corporate Awards 2020

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Do you see yourself as a Champion? Here's why you should!

Women in India Inc are making great strides everyday, but let's not forget that many of us still do it against the odds, whether that's lopsided work division at home, bias at work, or the expectations of those around us. Each one of us, simply by showing up to work every day, is a star!


That's why we want you to nominate yourself for the Women In Corporate Awards 2020. If you are currently working, and have work experience of between 3 to 22 years, you should definitely take a closer look at the form below!

In its second edition this year, more than 25 awards will be presented by jurors to women at different stages of their career:

  • Emerging WICA (women with 3 to 7 years work experience)

  • Luminary WICA (women with 8 to 14 years work experience)

  • Trailblazer WICA (women with 15 to 22 years work experience)


Growth Champions

For women in corporate India who have

driven team/company growth


Diversity Champions

For women in corporate India who have enabled true diversity in the company


Innovation Champions

For women in corporate India who have powered product, business or process innovation

Women In Corporate Awards 2020

Nominations for the Women In Corporate Awards 2020 will close on Aug 10th, 2020

Do note:

1. This nomination is open to women currently working in any corporates or non-profit orgs. You must be a salaried employee to be eligible. This award is not relevant to entrepreneurs/founders. 

2. The nominee must spend at least part of the year working in India, although her scope of work could be international
3. The nomination can be done by the individual or Manager/HR manager with a close view of their work.

4. The nominee must have between 3 and 22 years of total work experience.

More common queries are addressed here in our FAQs.

The complete form with more details will be sent to you after you fill up the details below and submit the processing fee.

To complete your application, please pay a processing fee of INR 750 here. You will receive the complete nomination form after paying the processing fee. 


Please note, the processing fee is only meant to enable organisers to process a large number of applications and organise the event in a productive manner for all attendees. Paying the processing fee does not entitle any nominee to an award, which is completely impartial and based on scores and jury discretion as detailed above. 

Please remember to hit the Nominate button below after making the payment.

All nominees will automatically receive a pass to attend the Women in Corporate Allies Virtual Conference on 10th & 11th September, and you do not need to register again for the event. 

More questions? Check out our FAQs

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