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Come together with India Inc's most inspiring women in business functions, across multiple industries and empower yourself as women at work.


Connect with other women achievers over high quality networking sessions around career growth, leadership and navigating career challenges, led by top industry leaders.


Engage with speakers across domains, attend curated masterclasses with experts in your field and be ready to be mentored by industry leaders.

Who Should Attend?

The Women In Corporate Allies virtual conference is a space for Indian women* across domains/ industries and at different stages of their careers, to come together in a positive and thoughtful space. 

Progress faster in your career

 Move to a higher-level leadership role

Return to work after a career break

Find a new job

Understand how to better manage your work-life routine

Renew your motivation at work

10th & 11th September, 2020

Men who would like to be allies to women at work, and better understand the challenges and needs of their female peers and reportees at work will also benefit from attending this conference. 


*We use the term women to include cis-gender as well as trans-gender women, believing firmly in an inclusive space for all women. 

Networking Reinvented

If you can see that future in your mind, and want to be a part of making it happen, you'll agree that people of all genders being allies to each other is essential. It means creating workplaces that are inclusive of everyone's needs. It means giving women the means to compete fairly. It means women stepping up to claim their rightful opportunities. 


The Women In Corporate Allies virtual conference is a space to have those conversations, learn from the best in the industry, listen to our peers and celebrate the progress of women at work, while working on what the future needs. 


Join us to empower yourself as a woman at work, to virtually meet India's industry-leading women and to go back ready to reinvent. 


Award Categories

The Women In Corporate Awards 2020 are awarded to women who have significant achievements to show, as Innovation, Diversity or Growth Champions within their organisations and industries. Nominees must be currently employed, and can come from any industry or a range of business functions, including Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Finance & Investment, Operations, Supply Chain and associated areas. 

Adjudged by an eminent panel consisting of experts across domains, functions and diverse life experiences, the Women In Corporate Awards 2020 is designed to bring to light the growing presence and success of women in India Inc. Jury members would consider a range of metrics to evaluate nominees for the awards, including Insight Generation, Strategy Formulation, Stakeholder Management, Disciplined Execution and Impact Assessment. 

To facilitate assessments, the awards will be structured under 3 categories presented below: Growth Champions, Diversity Champions and Innovation Champions. Over 25 awards would be presented, to Champions across these 3 categories. 


Growth Champions

For women in corporate India who have

driven team/company growth


Diversity Champions

For women in corporate India who have enabled true diversity in the company


Innovation Champions

For women in corporate India who have powered product, business or process innovation

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Attend the Women In Corporate Allies

Virtual Conference

September 10th & 11th, 2020


Listen to speakers from the highest echelons of Indian industry and soak in their wisdom

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